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Hack Oregon Battle of the Scientists

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Welcome to HackOR Battle of the Scientists

You can download Hack Oregon campaign finance data here. The csv files are zipped up into two 50MB tarballs (so that GitHub doesn't complain):

Raw Committe Transactions table raw_committee_transactions.csv.gz
All other database tables all-tables-except-raw_committee_transactions.csv.gz

Sometimes ;) you can use a Django admin interface at to browse the database and even perform RESTful GEt queries by hacking the URL. Our double-secret password is "admin", and I bet you can guess the username.

And the passwordless RESTFUL API for all the PAC (Political Action Comittee) tables is at

What can you uncover with us?

Small vs Large Donors (John Collins & Dan Anolik) (download .pdf)
iPython Notebooks (Jupyter) jupyter
Hackoff iPython Notebook (download .ipynb)
R Notebook by David (and Allen?) (download .Rmd)
R Notebook by Jim Rothstein (download .R)
Email set intersection (iPython) (download .py)
Example Pandas "Database" (download

Authors and Contributors

Hobs @hobson

Thunder Shiviah @ThunderShiviah

Allen Grimm @TheGrimmScientist | @AllenGaryGrimm

Wil Langford @wil-langford

Ryan Miller @ninjascience

Sam Higgins @?

Jim Rothstein @?

John David Smith @smithjd

Dan Anolik @pdxdan

John Collins @?